Booth Registrations


Booth Pricing, Criteria and Assignment


Booths are divided into four groups with the following fees:

  • VA/Military/Government Organization/Veterans Conference Planning Committee – Donations Accepted.
  • For-Profit Organization – $100 fee
  • Not-For Profit Organization – $50 fee
  • Conference Sponsor of $1000 or more – No Cost
  • Electricity – additional $25 fee
  • (For information on sponsorships please contact Randy Rennison @ 563-589-7840)


Booths should in some way have a benefit at no cost to the veteran or their family.  This benefit could be anything that would promote or enhance the well-being of the veteran and his or her family.  This can be done through sharing of information or services or providing assistance to the veteran community.  The intent of this floor vending opportunity is to provide an altruistic opportunity for the veteran and or his or her family.

The vending booths will not be used as a tool to project one’s political agenda such as denouncing the government and or degrading those very liberties secured by our veterans.  The committee reserves the right to refuse inappropriate vending applications as it sees fit.


Each vending site will include a 10’ X 8’ booth with a draped table and piping, two chairs, and a waste paper basket.  Any special requests such as electricity hook-up must be requested on the Booth Registration form.

Please note that there are many agencies that are requesting booth space. It is up to the Floor Assignment Committee to arrange criteria and assignments. As the conference date approaches, registered exhibitors will receive follow-up information regarding the event. Set up time will be Friday, October 12 from Noon – 5 p.m.


For either option 1 or 2, please mail a check made payable to “All The Way Home” to
TH Media
Attn: All The Way Home Veterans Event
801 Bluff Street
Dubuque, IA 52001

If you have any questions, call Jodi Dodd at 563-588-5697. In the message please include the following items: Contact Name, Organization Name, Phone Number, E-Mail address and note which of the four groups above you belong to.

Booth Registration



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